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Common Manufacturers of Honeycomb Blinds

Since honeycomb blinds, also known as Cellular Shades, are relatively new to the market, only a few manufacturers have perfected the design of these unique window treatments. The special honeycomb structure requires high quality construction and durable fabrics that are stiff enough to create the air pockets yet elegant enough to appeal to any homeowner.

The most common manufacturers of honeycomb blinds are:

  • Hunter Douglas
  • Levolor
  • Bali
  • YourBlinds
  • Graber
  • Comfortex

Most manufacturers suggest that you order swatches of your desired fabric prior to ordering honeycomb blinds. This way you can ensure that the color and opacity of the fabric fits your unique needs.

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas is one of the largest manufacturers of quality blinds, shades, and window treatments. Although they have a wide selection of all kinds of shades, they have created a few unique lines of honeycomb blinds. Not only do they sell the traditional single, double and triple cell blinds, but they have created a special honeycomb blind that combines the energy efficiency of multiple small cells with the look of larger pleats.

Hunter Douglas also sells a unique motorized blind system named PowerRise that uses both infrared and radio frequencies to remotely control the window shades. Some of their other honeycomb blinds products include:

  • Vertiglide – vertical honeycomb blinds
  • UltraGlide – retractable cord system
  • LiteRise – cordless control
  • Skyrise – skylight system
  • EasyRise – continuous cord loop control
  • TruRise – traditional cord control

Hunter Douglas honeycomb blinds come in a wide variety of colors and light diffusing properties. All of their blinds are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 for privacy and light control (1 for no privacy but some light diffusion and 5 for total privacy and blocked light). They claim to have 315 different possible combinations for honeycomb shades. Pleat sizes range from 3/8” to 3/4” to 1 1/4” as single, double, or triple honeycomb.


Levolor offers honeycomb blinds in a variety of colors, weaves, and cell counts. They also offer blinds in sheer and blackout fabrics to give customers additional options for light control. Levolor honeycomb blinds also come in solid colors as well as printed fabrics to compliment a wide range of interior decors.

Levolor offers traditional honeycomb blinds as well as speciality shapes and styles including top down/bottom up, cordless, combination honeycomb blinds, and continuous cord loop. Levolor also offers speciality shapes for irregular windows and skylights.


Bali, like other well-known manufacturers, offers a range of light filtering honeycomb blinds in a variety of cell sizes and numbers. They offer everything from light filtering to blackout fabrics in a wide range of colors.

Bali offers honeycomb blinds in cell sizes of 3/8” and 3/4”. Their 3/8” cells are available as single or double cells and their 3/4” cells are available as a single layer honeycomb blind. They also offer a vertical honeycomb blind called Verticell and, like Hunter Douglas, have a motorized option available for hard to reach shades and blinds.


Although YourBlinds sells honeycomb blinds made by a variety of manufacturers, they also make their own honeycomb blinds. In fact, YourBlinds makes the widest variety of cell and pleat sizes ranging from 3/8” all the way up to 2”. All of their cell sizes are available as single layer honeycomb blinds while smaller pleat and cell sizes are used for double and triple cell count blinds.

YourBlinds offers a wide range of light filtering fabrics in all styles of honeycomb shades. All of their private label honeycomb blinds are top down/bottom up since they give homeowners the most control over incoming light.


Graber offers a variety of light filtering options in their line of honeycomb blinds, each offered with either a single or double cell count. Their 3/8” cells are available as single or double layers while their 3/4” cell is available as a single layer only.

Graber also offers a wide range of honeycomb blind styles and control options. Like many other manufacturers, Graber has top down/bottom up honeycomb blinds as well as combination blinds, Top Down, and vertical sliding blinds. Many of these are available in both traditional cord options and continuous cord loops as well as safer cordless control systems. Graber also offers a motorized honeycomb blind control system that's perfect for their skylight blinds.

Graber honeycomb blinds are available for a wide range of window sizes and shapes. They even offer options for curved and cutout windows.


Comfortex offers a huge range of fabric options tailored for specific needs. They offer everything from blackout sound reducing honeycomb blinds for home theatres to light diffusing, fire resistant energy efficient shades ideal for offices and hospitals. Cells sizes and numbers are dependent upon the shade type selected and the intended use. In general, however, Comfortex shades are usually single or double cells.

Comfortex also offers a vertical honeycomb blind for patio doors and large windows. These come in a wide range of color options with either single or double cell numbers. Comfortex also offers motorized options for honeycomb blinds.